Who are you?
The Alleluia Community is a group of people who are called by God to share life with each other and to love one another. We embrace denominational differences and seek unity through sharing everyday life with one another. We are christian, ecumenical, and covenant.

What does it mean to be a member?
There are three levels of membership within Alleluia Community: Associate, Underway, and Full Covenant membership. Each level means something different.

  • An Associate Member is a supportive friend of community.
  • An Underway Member seeks to discern the call of God, to determine if life in Alleluia should be a permanent commitment.
  • A Full Covenant member is someone who, through discernment and prayer, has made a life commitment to Alleluia. The Full Covenant member agrees to live out the Covenant, which includes a set of specific agreements and a Rule of Life.

How do you live community life?
At its most basic level, living in community means sharing life. Members have meals together, attend family baptisms, weddings, and funerals. We honor each other on our birthdays and anniversaries – and a lot of in-betweens. This sharing of our lives helps to build gospel living.

Within the community, there are strong family identities, which are strengthened by close relationships with people outside the family, who will bring them closer to Christ through support and encouragement.

An important part of belonging to the Alleluia Community is our formation program. Underway members go through several years of weekly formation, which includes instruction in community life, gospel teaching, and practical examples of what it means to strive for holiness and unity today.

Members of the Alleluia Community also make a commitment to attend a weekly prayer meeting, held at the community school, as well as small group meetings within the community. In addition to these weekly commitments, there are other opportunities to grow in Christ and build relationships, including Bible studies, mission work, physical work parties, and afternoon prayers held in Faith Village.

How do you live life that way?
Our Covenant states our belief that membership in the Alleluia Communiy is: “…the way God has chosen for our sanctification”. This is a life-long quest of opening to God by opening ourselves to each other. We strive to lay down the masks that have protected us and to expose our woundedness so that we can be healed by the love of God and by the love of our community family. By sharing our life with others, by our daily “grass-roots” interactions, by being “…quick to forgive and to ask forgiveness”, by our corporate prayer, personal prayer, ministering prayer, we seek a fullness and richness of relationship with God and one another.

Where are you?
The Alleluia Community is located in Augusta, Georgia.  Most of the members of the Alleluia Community live in Faith Village, a neighborhood in South Augusta.  It is not a requirement to live in this neighborhood, but most members enjoy the added benefit of being able to support each other in our daily life, in a real way.
Members who do not live in Faith Village cluster in other smaller neighborhoods around the area.  An important part of living community is sharing life with one another.  Living out our communal life is very practical.  Living close together as neighbors makes it easier to serve and support one another.
In addition to Faith Village, and several clusters of Alleluia Community in Augusta, there is also a small branch of the community in Louisiana.

Why do you feel called to share life the way you do?
We grow in our love of God through our love, care, and support for each other as a family.

Are you a non-profit organization?

Yes, Alleluia Christian Service Center Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Through this we are able to provide support and serve many local, national, and international missions and build unity throughout the church worldwide. 

How do I join?
If you are interested in Alleluia and live out of town, we invite  you to come spend a week with us. This visit will help determine if Alleluia is something to which you feel called. If you live in the Augusta area, we invite you to begin to share the life – attend the weekly prayer meeting or a small group meeting to see what we are about.
An important part of this process is prayer. This is a mutual discernment process between you and  the community leadership. Both you and the leadership must discern that God has put a call on your life to build community. Following that agreement between you and the community leadership you may discuss making a commitment to the community.

For more information, call us at 1-800-Yeslord, or (706) 798-1882. Email us at office@yeslord.com or write to us at Alleluia Christian Service Center, PO Box 6805, Augusta, GA 30916-6805.