Below are some select publications from our community members. Please click on the image to link to purchase options.

Rachel Balducci and her husband Paul have five strapping sons and one precious daughter. Rachel is a newspaper columnist for the Southern Cross and blogs at She is a co-host of The Gist, a talk show for women on Catholic TV and the author of How Do You Tuck In A Superhero and other delightful mysteries of raising boys.

In a former life, Rachel was a newspaper reporter, and she has a Masters in Journalism from the University of Georgia. These days she writes about faith, family and how keeping her bathroom clean will make her a saint.

Dan K. Almeter is a leader of the Alleluia Ecumenical Covenant Community in Augusta, Georgia. He is a member of the Gatherings in the Holy Spirit between Catholics and independent charismatic leaders. He is the head of the Catholic Fraternity of Covenant Communities and Fellowships in the U.S. — a private association of pontifical right. A licensed counselor who speaks both in the U.S. and abroad, he and his wife, Marie, have six children and 12 grandchildren.

Gary’s work career began at age 13; building early American furniture reproductions, which continued into his adult years doing custom designed furniture and then houses. For the last thirty years, Gary has been designing, fabricating and installing custom furnishings for churches.

After many years of no faith, darkness and two very near brushes with death, the Lord awoke Gary to His marvelous Kingdom and commissioned him to be a Kingdom builder.
In 2012, with the Holy Spirit’s leading, he completed writing and self published his first book, “Swept Up by the Spirit- Journey of Transformation”, a compelling book of faith in action and of Holy Spirit Power.

Gary has been married to his wife, Nancy since 1958 and they have four adult children, fourteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. They have owned and operated a business, Images of the Cross, since 1982 and are full covenant members of Alleluia Covenant Community in Augusta, Ga since 1987. They live out their Catholic faith in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and ecumenical community life.

Don Swenson is Professor Emeritus (Mount Royal University, Calgary Alberta Canada) with an undergraduate degree in Theology (University of Ottawa), a MA in the Sociology of Religion (University of Calgary) and PhD in the Sociology of Religion and the Family (University of Notre Dame). He is a well published researcher on Charismatic Christianity, attending many conferences, with networks of Charismatic Christians who would have interest in this work. This book is a result of primary research of the Alleluia Community, Augusta, GA. The intended audience of this work are Christian leaders who want to read and learn how a group of Christians can live a radical lifestyle of Ecumenical faith.