Alleluia School of Spiritual Direction


The Alleluia School of Spiritual Direction grew out of a need perceived in our society as a whole. Individual Christians in all walks of life and from different traditions are experiencing direct touches from God, and know they are being called to deepen their spiritual lives, live a more contemplative prayer life and draw closer to the heart of Jesus. We have encountered many others on this journey in need of someone to walk with them.

The art of spiritual direction is an ancient Christian tradition. Ananias gave direction to Paul in his hour of darkness, and the desert fathers attracted many followers who sought to deepen their spiritual walk. There has been in the last 30 years, a swell of interest and a burgeoning need in the Protestant churches for spiritual direction. In the Catholic tradition, it was for centuries the exclusive arena of monks, nuns and priests; and lay people had little access to spiritual direction. Today this is greatly changed. Our school is endorsed by the Roman Catholic bishop of the Savannah diocese. This gift of walking deeper into the heart of Jesus is a gift for the whole Body of Christ. Ministers and lay people of all Christian traditions should all have access to the skills to walk with others on their journey.

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