2018 Doves

Dove 08-20-18(“Change – One Chip at a Time” by Steve Swenson)

Dove 08-13-18 (“Unity in raising kids”)by Andy and Janet Hatfield

Dove 08-06-18(“Learning to be Unoffendable”) by Rose Dominey

 (“Dove 07-30-2018 (“Our Plural Leadership”) by Chuck Hornsby

Dove 07-23-18 Dove (“Called Truth, The Good and Freedom”) by Kevin Murrell

07-09-18 (“The Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships“)

Dove 07-02-2018 (“Footholds – Moving Toward Freedom”) by Kelly Dolin

Dove 06-25-2018 (“Growing Up in Community: What God Has Done for Me”) by Amy German Almeter

Dove 06-18-2018(” Building relationships through serving others”) by Judy Hartney

Dove 06-11-18 (“Dove 07-09-18 Another successful school year comes to a close”) by Chuck Hornsby

Dove 06-04-18-final (“God is Faithful”) by Bob Roithier

Dove 05-28-18(“Hope: Keeping your focus on Jesus”) by Patti Doughty

Dove 05-07-18(” Shout with Joy to the Lord”) by Mona Hebert

Dove 04-30-18 (“Marriage renewal through Christ”) by Jim & Debbie Klett

Dove 04-23-18 (” A Resurrection Story”) by Deb Densmore

Dove 04-16-2018 (“Retrying things you have failed at in the past”) by Rev. Mike Freed

Dove 04-09-18 (“My yoke is easy and My burden is light” – How is it going for you?) by Steve Swenson

Dove 03-26-18 (” Stoking the Fire and maintaining the Burn”) by Chuck Hornsby

Dove 03-19-18(“Dealing with sacrifices you didn’t choose”) by Lillie Acosta

Dove 03-12-18 (“What does it mean to be Pure of Heart?”) by Deacon Greg Bernard

Dove 03-05-18a (“The Value of Hope and moving toward God”) by Tom Valois

Dove 02-26-18(” Seeking the Gifts God has for you”) by Tod Densmore

Dove 02-19-18(” Let your Light shine brightly”) by Nathan Krupa

Dove 02-12-18 (“Loving even when it hurts”) by Clare Barrs

Dove 02-05-18 (” Six Underway Members to Sign Covenant with Alleluia Community”)

Dove 01-29-2018 (” Start Fresh”) by Jerry Germann

Dove 01-22-18 (” A New Year’s Reflection”) by Miek Johnson

Dove 01-15-18 (” The New Year – An Opportunity to Recommit”) by Chuck Hornsby

Dove 01-08-18 (“Epiphany”) by Kelly Dolan